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"Josh makes it super enjoyable for every member of the group, meeting each person at their level, and gently nudging us out of our respective comfort zones.  I tried learning from youtube, and am so glad a friend organized our group ukulele class.  I've progressed WAY more with an actual teacher, and Josh gives great feedback as well as SO many tips and tricks to help make playing difficult pieces easier!"

Kathleen S.

"I look forward to my online group ukulele lesson each week because I can connect with Josh and others in the group while learning to play the ukulele from the comfort of my home.  He makes every lesson fun and I always learn something new. Highly recommend online lessons with Josh!"

Christine K.

“Every lesson Josh teaches me something new. He is very patient and doesn’t expect perfection. He shows me how to play different styles of music which makes it very interesting and fun.  I love learning how to play the electric guitar with Josh!”

Finnley B.

"I have been taking adult group ukulele lessons with Josh for the past two years. We are a pretty diverse group, spanning a wide range of experience with music. Josh is patient, kind and manages to ensure that material is both challenging and accessible. Most of all we have a lot of fun!"

Lesley J.

"Josh is a talented musician who quickly puts all ages, from young children to seniors, at ease as he guides them in their musical learning."

Glenna W.

"I have been taking electric guitar lessons with Josh for the past two years. He is a dedicated music teacher that takes the time to prepare an individual lesson plan prior to each lesson. There are always new techniques and ideas to challenge and advance my guitar playing that occur in a fun and nonjudgmental learning environment. As a result my guitar playing has progressed to where I am able to be creative on the guitar, which is very gratifying. I always look forward to my weekly lesson with Josh."

Peter H.

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